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Aastra Desktop IP Phones

Aastra is a leader in the Global telecommunications market. Aastra Phones offer innovative communications devices, including VOIP & SIG technology, for businesses throughout South Africa.

Aastra Phone systems are terminals characterised by user-friendliness, increased ergonomics and modern designs. The phones are designed to be technologically advanced while being simple to use and accessible to all users. The digital series in the Aastra IP Phone includes Aastra AS400, BusinessPhone Compact, BusinessPhone 50, BusinessPhone 250, BusinessPhone 128i, Aastra Mx compact, Aastra A700 and Aastra Mx 4.1 TS.

Aastra Desktop IP Phones combine excellent sound quality and outstanding features. Users also benefit from technological independence and future-proof development, thanks to an open system architecture and use of global standards (e.g. SIP)

Aastra Desktop IP Phone BusinessPhone Systems are characterised by the same type of boards and telephones in all systems. The modular approach makes it easy to expand your system as you expand your business.

Aastra is continually looking to improve and develop their product range, Aastra Phones are a flexible, easy to use, wise investment. Read more about Aastra PBX Solutions

Receive quotes on Desktop IP Phones from a wide range of suppliers from Samsung, NEC Philips and Aastra. Click Here to receive your quote on a Aastra IP Phone system.

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