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About Uninterruptible Power Supplies

    • Power Quality

    On-Line double conversion topology first converts the unstable mains into smooth DC.
    The UPS then uses a pure sine wave inverter to give the highest quality output power to the critical load.

    Power Quality

    • Power Failures

    The UPS stores energy in batteries as a back-up, when mains is not available the power is drawn from them.
    The UPS uses an intelligent charger to ensure the best battery performance and life-span.
    Battery options include both 5 year and 10 year design life.

    Power Failures

    • Power Redundancy

    UPS' can be configured as a parallel system whereby the outputs are 'synchronised' and share the power to the load. This can either be used for extra power to the load or as redundancy in case one UPS fails.
    Up to 8 UPS' can be paralleled together for very large or critical loads.

    Power Redundancy