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A3 Printer and Copiers

As offices review their office printing costs, one significant area almost entirely overlooked is the cost of having A3 Printing devices. The perception is that the A3 document is as necessary to our office printing needs as power steering is to our cars. The reality, as evidenced by NewField independent IT's review is that more than 30,000 devices supporting over 75,000 users, is that A3 output in the office is remarkably low - less than 2.5% of total page volumes on average.

For those who do require A3 Printer functionality we do offer the full range of Canon A3 Copiers, Olivetti A3 Copiers and Sharp A3 Copiers.

Click here to view our range of Samsung A4 Printers/Copiers.

Click here to view our range of Canon A3 Printers/Copiers.

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