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How to Choose a Photocopier?
Use our Definitive Guide when Choosing a Photocopier

  • The first thing to think about is how much the photocopier will be used. The launch point is working out how many copies are made each month, then the number of future copies and prints, considering business growth. This should help determine the size and speed (cpm/ppm) of the photocopier needed.
  • Look out for whether the photocopier has a duplex function for double sided printing. Setting a photocopier to duplex as default will reduce the amount of paper used.
  • You will also need to decide whether a colour or black and white photocopier is needed. If you don't need any colour documents printed then a simple black and white photocopier should be all you need. However, if you need mostly black and white documents but with some small amounts of colour, such as highlights, then opting for a photocopier that allows a minimal amount of colour photocopying, rather than a high end colour photocopier would be sensible. A standard colour photocopier would be needed to print presentations and other documents that use colour. The best option for high quality prints that have no colour limitations would be a photocopier that allows professional colour printing, all available through United Business Solutions.
  • Many new multifunctional photocopiers have the facility to scan, fax, print and store documents as well as producing high quality copies. This consideration completely depends on the needs of the business, but could ultimately save a lot of money.
  • When choosing a photocopier, make sure that it has a low standby power, some new photocopiers have just 3w standby energy consumption, compared to 690w for some older devices. Some photocopiers also automatically enter standby mode when not in use and have very quick start up times, saving considerable amounts of energy.

A photocopier/printer is often a substantial investment for any company to make, so having a check list of things you might need, will assist you in choosing the correct equipment for your application when purchasing the photocopier. Finally, keep in mind that, while the initial purchase is often a quick decision, after sales service is a three to five year relationship. Choose an authorized supplier of the photocopier brand you want to buy or rent and one who offers a proven service track record.