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Samsung Facts PBX/PABX

Samsung PBX is a leader in voice solutions for business across Southern Africa. United Business has partnered with Samsung PBX to provide our customers with unparalleled Samsung PBX and Samsung PABX solutions. Our expert in house consultants provide full telecommunication audits of your systems and will give a comprehensive cost saving proposal.

Interesting facts about Samsung PBX:

Samsung Internet Protocol - Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX) OfficeServ™ 7400 has been awarded 'Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level 3 augmented(EAL3+)' certification from Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS), Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today.

With this certification, Samsung IP-PBX OfficeServ™ 7400 can be guaranteed its security features by the internationally authorized organizations and purchased by governments in 25 countries across the globe without extra testing.

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