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PABX Movements

United Business uses a team of specialist PBX technicians to professionally move, and reinstall your switchboard/PABX and PBX system.

Businesses are constantly moving premises for a wide range of reasons, when this occurs one critical area which is often overlooked is the telephone systems and how it will be moved to its new location. Unlike a copier which can easily be relocated to a new premises a PABX/PBX/Switchboard needs to be be custom fitted with wiring carefully reinstalled at the new location to ensure the critical area of voice is not in any way affected.

United Business technicians can move a wide range of switchboards:

  • Panasonic PBX's and Switchboards
  • Samsung PBX's and Switchboards
  • NEC Phillips PBX's and Switchboards
  • Siemens PBX's and Switchboards.

For an expert onsite assesement and PBX relocation plan contact United Business at 086 001 8101 or

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