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Avaya – IP Office

Want to increase Profitability? Improve Productivity Gain Competitive advantages? Avaya IP OFFICE is your guaranteed solution. Specifically for small and medium size businesses, IP Office delivers the communications capabilities big businesses are used to. Like every business you are looking to keep your current customers, gain new ones and grow your business, with 100 years in the industry Avaya is your solution. Your Business can use IP Office by providing your employees with a solution that lets them handle their communications on any device of their choice be it their laptop, cell phone, home phone using different wireless connections. Avaya IP Office helps you do more with less whether you have 5, 25, 500 or 1000 - employers can be guaranteed an increase in productivity without driving up operating costs and capital expenses. IP Office is able to integrate all your communication systems which gives your employees of easily turning their home or mobile phone into an office extension. Avaya IP Office has a number of features and capabilities such as the messaging applications designed to meet the needs of the business with its built in unified messaging, Office worker allows you to handle all your messages from one place on your PC. Other Features such as the integrated and advanced conferencing system and the phone manager system that is available in three versions; Phone manager lite, Phone manager Pro and Phone manager Pro PC Softphone are a few of the these unbelievable features that come with the benefits of improved productivity, increased responsiveness and easy deployment to your business. To receive a quote or get further information on this product please contact us on: 086 001 8101 or email

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