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Benefits of NEC Philips

With today's fast-moving business environment, employees are never stationary for very long. Office workers need to roam freely throughout the building, teleworkers work most of their time from home and mobile workers can be just about anywhere: at the office, between appointments, on business travel or working from home.

Enabling staff to be mobile, provides numerous benefits, Productivity increases, customer service is enhanced and opportunities are not lost due to missed calls. NEC Philips Switchboards offer a variety of solutions to ensure your company receives the system that will benefit you.

  • NEC PHILIPS offers a cost effective and feature rich solutions
  • NEC PHILIPS IP allows on site wireless telephony on your IP Network
  • NEC WIRELESS LAN combines voice, data and multimedia
  • NEC FIXED MOBILE CONVERGENCE incorporates the mobile employee

NEC Philips has many benefits, take a look at the products available from United Business here:

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