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The Advantages Of PABX-PBX Rentals

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 United Business PABX Finanace


United Business Solutions offers comprehensive PABX/PBX finanace soltiuon to our clientile throughout Southern Africa. PABX finance offers advantages of outright ownership, including:


Off balance sheet financing, by keeping the costs of the non income generating/depreciating PABX off the balance sheet businesses don’t affect borrowing capabilties, this will ultimately enhancing an organizations abilty to grow.   

Cash Flow conservation, don’t buy an asset which largely deprecaetes upon use. High tech products such as PABX systems deprecate rapidly and have very little residual value after use. Owning such items outright ties up cash in non incoming generating assets.

Tax benifts, PABX finance rentals are fully tax deductible expenses.

The financing of a PABX also allows businesses to create predictable budgets, around steady rental finance expenses. Avoid the surprise of a large capital outlay.

The technology surrounding PABX systems becomes redundant at a rapid rate, rentals allow for quick updates with out incurring large working capital outflows. Click Here for more PABX finance information