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Advantages of upgrading to an IP PABX


Advantages of upgrading to an IP PABX

Software programming, Data handling, VoIP, reduced costs and scalability are all advantages of Internet Protocol PABX systems. Regardless of the advantages upgrading your PABX system to IP may not be a cost you initially perceived on spending however as time goes by and your hardware based PBX system wears down the move to IP PABX is inventible in the 21st century and the way of the future.

In this article we are going to be looking at the primary aspects all potential buyers should be accessing when upgrading to an IP PABX system. Ask yourself questions such as; what are the cost saving benefits?  Is it an easily integrated system? Will the IP PBX help increase productivity? And will my employees be able to operate the system with ease?

The points below are summarised answers to your questions based on our extensive expertise and experience within the industry;

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Cost Savings:

Using SIP trunking with an in house IP-PABX will give you access to lower cost VoIP providers, helping to reduce phone bills for long distance and international calls as well as connect telephone systems between branches enabling you to make free calls. Yes, when using hosted VoIP the initial costs will most likely be lower, but monthly subscription costs are ongoing and higher over time whereas IP-PBX systems will result in lower averaged monthly operating costs especially for systems with a higher number of users

Easy Integration:

Here are four main points out of numerous advantages with regards to the integration of IP PABX systems.

Software phones: Because phones are IP based you are able to move them from one connection to another and connect back up to the PBX server. The system connects directly to a standard computer network port. This eliminates the hassle of wiring and extra cables including the cost of the service call to implement this process.

Unified messaging: The IP PABX users its computer software integration to not only make calls but also capture data, this gives the system the power of processing and added benefits such as receiving and listening to your messages from your outlook inbox, PDFs of faxes and integration with packages such as CRM.

Remote extensions: The need to have systems in place that allow for employees to be productive not only in the office but also while out of the office are imperative in the 21st century. The IP PBX system gives your access to plug in a compatible IP- Phone at home or anywhere with Internet connection and be extension dialling as though you were sitting at your desk.

Branch Offices: This is probably the most resourceful and straight forward aspect of the IP PABX integration, a standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions therefore just add more phones to your network to expand.

Increase Productivity:

Customer service in a society that has so many choices is crucial and as mentioned previously in this article the IP PABX system is computer based and is able to process information with similar capabilities. The IP PBX is able to utilise applications that allow you to bring up the customer record of the caller automatically when the client calls and the elimination of having to dial in phone numbers but instead using Outlook to make calls directly are only a few of many productivity applications this system offers in order to help lower costs, increase employee productivity and help with delivering world class customer service.

User Friendly:

The IP PBX system is computer based therefore your employees will be able to access the system and all the features via a user friendly Windows application on their PC. Majority employees even if they only have a basic knowledge of computers find this application to be simple and straight forward in comparison to previous systems they have had to manage and work with.

Discounting the future

The human nature has a tendency to ‘discount the future’ in other words we sometimes prefer a smaller reward today over a larger reward in the future. The barrier you may be facing now with regards to upgrading to an IP PABX system relates to the fact that the benefits are accrued over a longer period of time, whereas the cost associated with upgrading to IP PABX systems are immediate and not always what the budget had planned. Our expert advice with regards to this is to contact United Business for one of their free cost saving assessments this will give you the tools to make the correct decision on which option will best suit you and your business.

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