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Contact Center
Contact centers can range from basic call functionality to highly advanced systems which include features such voice recognition, call flow analytics, automatic dialers, and website integration to name a few. With global world leading brands such as Mitel, Avaya and Unify, United Business Solutions can help you design and choose the right product for your call center no matter what the size.
Below is a brief summary on features you may need for you contact center:
Inbound Analytics: Reporting and Monitoring, Historical Reports, Real-time Monitoring, Forecasting, Traffic Analysis, Custom Report Designer, Call Costing, Real-time Agent and Queue, Control, Workforce Management.
Multimedia Contact Center – enables you to efficiently integrate and maintain service levels across multi-channel contact types in addition to voice, including email, web chat, fax, SMS, voice mail, and social media.
IVR Routing - Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and advanced routing help you to intelligently manage callers and their expectations, provide options for self-service, and deliver announcements to callers in queue, such as expected wait time and position in queue. An intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface allows you to quickly and easily build and manage call flows.
Predictive Dialling- is the most productive form of dialling automation, as it proactively makes outbound calls based on when agents are predicted to complete active transactions. This ensures that the system connects to live customers as soon as an agent has finished with the previous customer.
Power dialing - further automates the outbound dialing process by automatically delivering a connected call and screen pop to the agent desktop as agents become free. This type of dialer is often used in campaigns addressed to existing customers where the goal is to have them renew service, or upsell a product or service.
Screen Pop – a desktop pop-up application provides agents with customer information using data pulled from your customer database. Integrations are available for most market leading CRM solutions.


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