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How Remanufactured Used Office Copiers Are Taking the South African Market by Storm

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Over the past 10 years expertly refurbished used MFP Office copiers have been a growing trend amongst South African businesses looking to stretch their IT budgets further while still maintaining world class printing standards. 

So, what has driven this demand? In fact, a number of factors have come together to drive the uptake of remanufactured copier equipment adoption in Southern Africa. Near all office equipment is sourced and imported in US Dollars or Euros, as such the recent depreciation of the Rand against foreign currencies has lead to a marked increase in the cost of new IT equipment including multifunction photocopiers. By purchasing refurbished used photocopier equipment our clients are able to pay 15 – 25 % the price of new, and are available to be rented should you wish, while still receiving extremely low running costs and the peace of mind associated with a comprehensive service level agreement.

 “We liken it to moving a 1 ton load with a 10-ton truck, our clients receive a used Canon or Konica Minolta photocopier capable of 3 to 4 times the print work load at a fraction of the cost of a smaller, brand new machine. This allows them to not only reduce capital outlay for the unit but also run their monthly printing at a lower cost. It’s a win-win situation” according to Ryan Lumley Sales Director at United Business Solution. “All units come with comprehensive warranties and are placed on cost effective service level agreements, effectively we take care of the end to end printing solution and ongoing maintenance so you can focus on your business”. 

Added to the economic benefit of refurbished office printers is the environmental one, in many cases these corporate office automation fleet units have only reached 10 – 20 % of their usable life, and would have ended up in scrap yards unnecessarily. This method of refurbishment allows those used copier assets with considerable life span still left to be repurposed and used in a productive manner at SME businesses looking for high quality remanufactured office copiers.

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