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United Business Print Solutions and Fleet Management


 United Business Print Solutions and Fleet Management

No matter how big or small your business or organisation, United Business follows a 4 step process that leads to understanding your print costs and needs, ultimately saving you money and improving your organisations efficiency.

One Cost Per Copy - One Invoice - One Supplier

Assess, Implement, Save

“We saved 52%, got 110 devices and offset Carbon omissions with no capital outlay.”

  • There is still an area of your business where you can reduce costs.
  • Industry analyst’s state a 30% reduction in from a successful managed print program.
  • Costs surge 300% when print jobs are sent to the wrong device.
  • Too me many single function printers drive up cost to multiples of the norm.

What is Managed Print all about?

Globally companies are taking up Managed Print Services at an exponential rate and it’s easy to see why, with an average 30% reduction in cost per print and green benefits reducing consumable waste, Managed Print Solutions is the future of Office printing.

United Business Solutions is unique in the fact that we are 100% brand independent making us one of the only companies delivering flexible services that can be tailored to an individual customer's requirements.

Our aim is to improve your return on investment, reduce operating costs and simplify the supply and maintenance of your network printers and copiers through our Managed Print Solutions.

Independent studies show that organisations spend between 1- 3% of their total annual revenue on printing and generating documents. United Business can show that by taking a holistic approach and bringing all devices under centralised management and control, cost savings can be very significant. In some cases up to 50%

Who needs an MPS solutions?

  • Your company is spending too much on managing your printers and MFPs and you don't know where to turn for help.
  • Some things are working within your company and you don't want to change them, but you understand there is a need to make your MFPs and printers more cost efficient

The Best of Both Worlds

Whether we manage 1 device or 1000 devices for your company our core values stay the same and are highlighted in our high levels of customer care.

Managed Print Services:

A Managed Print Solution is a service offered by an expert organisation which assumes responsibility for the management and operation of your print environment. United Business’  Managed Print Solution includes expert advice to Optimize your Print Environment. United Business works through 4 keys steps together with your employees to strategically review your print environment and look at ways to maximize your current print device fleet.

You can expect the following benefits from United Business’s Managed Print Solution:

  • All printers are identified and managed by one provider.
  • Supplies management chores simply disappear.
  • Help-desk calls are significantly reduced.
  • Printer downtime is minimized.
  • Cost-savings opportunities are realized, using existing and new devices.
  • Employees are less involved in printer support.
  • Exact costs of office printing are known.

“Deploying a Managed Print Solution saves a business 10-30% on printer-related costs.
Source: Gartner Group”

How It Works:


Expert consultants will review your current output services infrastructure and identify opportunities to improve performance, streamline operations and reduce costs.

Most often, managers in mid-sized operations will be unsure of the exact number or type of output devices in operation, associated costs, or the true output volume of those devices' print, fax and copy operations. A quick assessment based on their rough estimate will likely significantly miss the mark.


Working in conjunction with your business United Business uses the results from our FM Audit software analysis and information garnered from our internal assessment to propose the most efficient print setup for your organisation.


United Business will fully deploy the onsite Managed Print Software onto the client’s network, optimisation of the printer and copier fleet will take place and best practices and training will be implemented to reduce inefficiencies and improve green policies. The ultimate end goal is to significantly reduce TCO of ownership of your printing equipment.


Working closely with your organisation, United Business will continually manage your printer fleet using the monthly data garnered from the Managed Print Software to allow only the most efficient solution to be serviced.  Expect the following benefits from the UBS Managed Print Program.

From the beginning, each and every MPS relationship should start with a discovery/audit process which includes:

  • Software data collection
  • Discovery of process of current asset register
  • Site and end user survey
  • Needs Analysis
  • Mapping and correct device alignments
  • Crystallization of current operating expense
  • Green Policies
  • Company processes and forecasts

Request An Online Audit:

Our MPS printer fleet audit software can be emailed to your business within a few hours. Simply Request An Online Audit and wait for a response from one of our audit team members