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Why Hosted PBX is making more business sense to the South African Market


Hosted PBX solutions are the fastest growing sector within the telecommunications industry worldwide, South Africa is just beginning to see the huge advantages of hosted PBX solutions doing away with the need for physical hardware onsite. Effectively we are beginning to see the movement of not just data but also voice into the cloud.

Predicting the growth and change in requirements of your telephony solution can be a challenging if not impossible task, Hosted PBX solutions give users the ability to customize their solutions instantly allowing for quick cost savings or instant up-scaling in terms of system capacity. Hosted PBX solutions enable companies to add extensions and IP handsets wherever and whenever your business requires. Hosted PBX systems reduce the unwanted costs of upgrading systems, the downtime of your switchboard while going through an upgrade and a quick solution for expanding during peak seasons. European and American businesses have already begun to significantly switch their telecoms solutions to hosted PABX’s.

Hosted PBX systems ensures that you are ready for whatever situation and are always able to carry on running, with contingency rules that are set up on your phone in advance, a quick forwarding system to cell phones and many more features that will keep your company running. All solutions including that offered by United Business are run from secure data centres ensuring maximum uptime and total security.

Ultimately hosted PABX systems not only allow for the above listed advantages but it is also achieves overall lower cost of ownership and allows businesses the flexibility and efficiency to focus on their core competencies.

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