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The 21st Century Photocopier; Canon Image Runner advance 4200 Series

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If somebody asked you what topic is continually bought up in your management meetings, what would your answer be? Would this sound vaguely familiar to you?

“To be more effective by being more productive with fewer resources and less time”

Why is there a substantial price difference between one CCTV supplier and another?


Now here is a fascinating scenario: You are looking to purchase a new CCTV system for your business, you request quotes from several different CCTV suppliers, the quotes are on your desk and it is now time for you to make your final decision… However you are at a dead end, you can’t understand the drastic price difference from one supplier to another, you didn’t request gold plated cameras so why is supplier (A) 70% more expensive than supplier (B)? I have a suspicion that I may know the answer to why?  


A feature-by-feature comparative look at the services VOIP, PSTN and Premicell can offer your Business

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VOIP, PSTN and Premicell

PSTN, VoIP and Premicell, what are the major differences between these systems and which will best suit your business? Below is a comparison table put together by United Business Solutions highly qualified team, helping you evaluate the Pros and Cons when making your final decision.


VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

PSTN –Public Switched Telephone Network

Highest Growth Partner of the Year

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Highest Growth Partner of the Year

Cathexis Africa, a market leader and award winning innovator in CCTV surveillance, announced the Partner of the year winners for 2014. Intervid Africa is honoured to have been awarded Highest Growth Partner of the Year.

Advantages of upgrading to an IP PABX


Advantages of upgrading to an IP PABX

Software programming, Data handling, VoIP, reduced costs and scalability are all advantages of Internet Protocol PABX systems. Regardless of the advantages upgrading your PABX system to IP may not be a cost you initially perceived on spending however as time goes by and your hardware based PBX system wears down the move to IP PABX is inventible in the 21st century and the way of the future.

The Advantages Of PABX-PBX Rentals

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 United Business PABX Finanace


United Business Solutions offers comprehensive PABX/PBX finanace soltiuon to our clientile throughout Southern Africa. PABX finance offers advantages of outright ownership, including:


PABX Definition: What is a PABX?

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The first PABX Systems were developed more than 50 years ago in the United States. Today most South African business use some form or other of a PABX system, now referred to as a PBX. The PABX is an essential piece of business equipment which allows businesses to process and transfer incoming telecommunications in a professional manner.


Vodacom's One Net Express South Africa


 The South African PABX market has been turned on its head by the introduction of Vodacom’s hosted PABX solution. The Vodacom One Net Express product is an iteration of a product by the same name already supplied by Vodacom’s parent Vodafone to the European market. With an estimated 2 million customers using the service across Europe, Vodacom must be expecting to make a considerable dent on the incumbent Telkom and the other fixed line PABX service providers.