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Man3000 Telephone Management System

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Man3000 Telephone Management Systems

Man3000 is a powerful easy to use management telephone information system, it’s reliable, flexible and the multi user feature makes the Man3000 the leading Telephone management solution in the industry.


United Business Print Solutions and Fleet Management


 United Business Print Solutions and Fleet Management

No matter how big or small your business or organisation, United Business follows a 4 step process that leads to understanding your print costs and needs, ultimately saving you money and improving your organisations efficiency.

One Cost Per Copy - One Invoice - One Supplier

Assess, Implement, Save

United Business Double Cabinet PABX installation

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United Business Double Cabinet PABX installation

United Business Solution is proud to announce the successful installation and set - up of a dual cabinet Office serv 7400 PABX system in a flagship luxury accommodation hotel situated in the CBD of Pretoria.

Why Hosted PBX is making more business sense to the South African Market


Hosted PBX solutions are the fastest growing sector within the telecommunications industry worldwide, South Africa is just beginning to see the huge advantages of hosted PBX solutions doing away with the need for physical hardware onsite. Effectively we are beginning to see the movement of not just data but also voice into the cloud.

Mia Telecoms Samsung PABX Platinum Award 2012


 United Business Solutions is proud to announce that Mia Telecommunications the sole authorised distributer of Samsung PABX systems for Southern Africa has awarded United Business Solutions the Samsung Platinum dealer award. The award was presented to United Businesses director Ryan Lumley this November 2012; he had the following to say about the award;