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A feature-by-feature comparative look at the services VOIP, PSTN and Premicell can offer your Business

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VOIP, PSTN and Premicell

PSTN, VoIP and Premicell, what are the major differences between these systems and which will best suit your business? Below is a comparison table put together by United Business Solutions highly qualified team, helping you evaluate the Pros and Cons when making your final decision.


VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

PSTN –Public Switched Telephone Network

Advantages of upgrading to an IP PABX


Advantages of upgrading to an IP PABX

Software programming, Data handling, VoIP, reduced costs and scalability are all advantages of Internet Protocol PABX systems. Regardless of the advantages upgrading your PABX system to IP may not be a cost you initially perceived on spending however as time goes by and your hardware based PBX system wears down the move to IP PABX is inventible in the 21st century and the way of the future.