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CCTV Rentals

The copier industry has since it inception used the CCTV rental model to supply the demand of corporate South Africa. CCTV Rentals include numerous benefits over outright purchase. These included:

  • Tax Advantages

    A rental is considered as an operating expense and is therefore fully tax deductible.

  • Conservation of Working Capital

    There is no need to outlay working capital on rapidly depreciating items.

  • Upgrade to new technology whenever needed

    Modern Office technology become rapidly obsolete, CCTV rental allows companies to upgrade to the most up to date technology without taking large capital losses.

  • Off Balance Sheet financing

    CCTV rentals are an operating expenses and thus do not affect the key ratios and metrics of an organizations balance sheet.

We offer an alternative to buying our systems , our in house finance department offers a rental contract that you can enter into. Please contact us for further enquiries and our rental agreements. To rent a CCTV system is an excellent way to enjoy high quality surveillance solutions without making a dent in your cash flow.

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