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Buying a CCTV system, what to look for?

Here at UBS CCTV we aim to help you find the most efficient, cost effective and suitable CCTV system for your needs. Here are a few guidelines of what to look for when buying a new CCTV system. CCTV systems comprise of 3 different components. The DVR recorder, the individual CCTV cameras and accessories.

The digital video recorder or DVR is the body of the CCTV system.  It stores your images and determines how they are displayed on screen; it also controls how you as the user will be able to view the recordings and images.

The CCTV cameras are what catch the images, however with the varying brands and products out there it is very difficult to choose the correct cameras for your specific use; amazingly most CCTV systems use the wrong cameras however here at UBS CCTV our trained CCTV professionals will ensure you won't make these common mistakes.

This section looks at the networking connections, power supplies, and professional fittings and ensuring every cable is compatible with every camera and DVR on the site, it is vital that you use the correct accessories for your system to ensure complete running order.

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