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Copier Rentals

South Africa’s widest range of copier rental options

United Business Solutions offers South Africa’s widest range of MFP copier rental options. Our internal rental finance facility provides thousands of South African businesses with affordable rental options to ensure that the copier equipment required, is available to rent and upgrade as and when the need arises.

Our Copier Rental Options Include:

  • Choose from 12/24/36/48/60 month fixed term copier rentals.
  • Custom length rentals – Allowing you to finance complimentary copier equipment in such a manner that rentals expire concurrently.
  • Month to Month Rentals – Refurbished, Repossessed and Demo Equipment .
  • In house copier rentals for newly established businesses.
  • Choose from South Africa’s largest range of new and refurbished copiers.

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What key factors determine Photocopier Rental Prices?

Photocopier rental prices are determined by a number of factors and differ considerably. Key factors are:

  • Size of the machine, i.e. if it prints in A4/A3 or both
  • Page speed per minute, i.e. its performance
  • Printing in colour/black and white or both
  • The type of finishing options you require, e.g. Staple finisher, Booklet finisher
  • There are many more features that play a role in determining the price of a photocopier, however the ones listed above are the main features. You can find additional points here.

We have compiled a summary on the various copier rental prices to assist you in setting a realistic budget for renting a photocopier. For information on outright purchase prices of photocopiers, check out our Photocopier Prices article.

The table below indicates different categories (or types) of photocopiers and their comparative price ranges. (Please note the prices indicated below exclude vat and are calculated over a 60-month rental at 0% escalation.)

What are the comparative Copier Rental price ranges?

Copier Category Rental Price Range  (Per Month in ZAR)
Refurbished A4 R250 – R900
Refurbished A3 R650 – R1 200
Standard A4 R350 – R1 100
Entry-Level A3 R720 – R1 700
Mid-Level A3 R1 600 – R3 700
High-Level A3 R3 500 – R8 200

Brands Available

Rent this copier: Samsung black & white photocopiers printers Rent this copier: Olivetti black and white copiers, photocopiers & printers Rent this copier: HP copier, photocopiers & printers
Rent this copier: Sharp copier, photocopier & printers Rent this copier: Kyocera copier, photocopier & printers Rent this copier: canon black and white photocopiers printers.html

Photocopier Rentals Specials

Entry level A3 Colour Office Copier

Refurbished Konica Minolta C280 Multifunction Photocopier

Photocopier Rental - Refurbished Multifunction Konica Minolta C280
  • 60 Months 0% Esc R660.00pm
  • All pricing excludes VAT
Konica Minolta C280:
  • B&W CPC = 10 Cents Per Page
  • Colour CPC = 65 Cents Per Page
  • Copy
  • Print
  • Scan
  • Fax

28 Page Per Minute

Printing 20,000 Prints per Month


Refurbished Canon imageRUNNER 1133 Multifunction Copier

Photocopiers Rental - Refurbished Multifunction Canon imageRUNNER C1133
  • 60 Months 0% Esc R200.00pm
  • All pricing excludes VAT
Canon imageRUNNER C1133
  • B&W CPC = 11 Cents Per Page
  • Copy
  • Print
  • Scan
  • Fax

33 Page Per Minute Mono

Printing 8.000 Prints per Month

Fixed Term Photocopier Rentals

Fixed term rentals are the industry standard and can include many variations. These rentals may run from 12 to 60 months and include escalations ranging from 0% to 15%, with escalations typically falling into the category of:

  • 0% Escalation
  • 5% Escalation
  • 10% Escalation
  • 15% Escalation

Clients often ask why they should enter into an escalating rental with the incorrect understanding that this means they will pay more. The answer is very simple, in emerging economies like South Africa with higher inflation rates and currency deprecation, the cost of replacing IT equipment escalates yearly. Locking your Photocopier rental in at 0% means that you create an artificially low monthly cost by year 4 or 5. When the time comes to replace the equipment due to age, your monthly operating costs jumps by a far greater amount than inflation due to the compounded effect of the multi-year 0% escalation rental. In this case no money is saved, but operating expenses become misaligned.

IT Benefits (CIO)

  • Fast delivery of equipment
  • Keep your tech up to date
  • Flexibility – match computers to business needs
  • On-site maintenance
  • Upgrade and add-on at any time
  • IT departments can focus on core-issues
  • Software on demand

Financial Benefits (CFO)

  • No large cash outlay for depreciating equipment
  • No depreciation – Fixed cost
  • Hedge against inflation and currency devaluation
  • Improve balance sheet ratios
  • Tax benefits
  • Free working capital for core business
  • Rental payments are flexible
  • Ensures Cost of Equipment is provided for in P&L
  • Asset tracking and asset management
  • Administration time is slashed
  • Reduced risk

Month to Month Photocopier Rentals

For select customers looking for the ultimate in flexibility month to month copier rentals are available. We select the best quality repossessed photocopiers and pass them through a refurbishment process. These units are them rented to clients wishing to have the ultimate in cost effective printing with the flexibility of a monthly rental.

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