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Industrial CCTV Systems

UBS CCTV believes it is important for you to have an efficient surveillance system that helps protect your property and assets. We aim to help improve the security within your Factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities which often contain valuable raw material and goods that are attractive to thieves.

UBS CCTV can offer the following through an integrated surveillance system:

  • Alerts when someone enters the perimeter or a restricted area
  • Night-vision and thermal images
  • HDTV-quality video images
  • Real-time access to live and recorded images

Your CCTV system will not only decrease theft and crime within your business but it will in addition help increase the overall production efficiency. You will be able to remotely monitor manufacturing lines and processes, instantly detect and respond to incidents, provide maintenance support and have extra control when managing production lines. Overall an appropriate integrated surveillance system for your business will reduce theft, crime and help run a more efficient business.

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