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PABX/PBX Lightning Damage Repair

United Business has noticed how lightning damage is having an increasing effect on PBX systems and networks. These PABX systems play an important role in all businesses and are used extensively in virtually every sector of the company. Disruption to your operations as a result of lightning damage to your switchboard system may result in data loss, downtime, loss of fax machine and telephone, and inconvenience to your staff and your customers. PABX/PBX lightning damage repair is an important service United Business offers to its clients.

United Business PABX systems do come with internal lightning protection circuits and we recommend external protection devices as well, however it is hard to predict the intensity of the lightning before it strikes and therefore we can only protect your switchboard system to a certain level.

Lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge caused by unbalanced electric charge in the atmosphere, a typical thunderstorm may have three or more strikes per minute at its peak, United Business has identified lightning to be quite a large threat to PBX systems as they are highly susceptible to surge voltages and the result is usually a total systems failure.

With our nationwide qualified service team, United Business is able to offer immediate assistance if you have experienced damage to your switchboard system or are requiring repairs. We will make sure your PABX system is up in running order in the minimal amount of time. Loan units are also available at request.

For more information on service and repairs please contact one of our Customer Consultants at or (+27) 086 001 8500.