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Panasonic Analogue Telephone Systems

Panasonic analogue telephone system has taken telephone systems for small to mid-sized companies forward, offering features seldom available in this category. They are easily upgraded, reduce company costs and Caller ID increases your efficiency. The Panasonic Analogue PABX system is of high quality design with it’s easy to grip handset, solid touch keys and matte finish. This Switchboard system has many features that will guarantee improved productivity within your business, features such as a 3-level automatic reception with voice guidance, caller ID Display, Built-in voice message will substantially benefit your business. Other features such as conference call system, auto dial store, call forwarding and do not disturb feature make the Panasonic analogue Telephone system the answer to the needs of today’s energetic office. To receive a quote on a Panasonic analogue Pabx/switchboard please contact tel: 086 001 8101 or email

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