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Panasonic IP PBX/PABX System

The Panasonic IP PBX System delivers flexible communication methods to meet a wide variety of needs. Panasonic IP switchboards with its diverse business communication features, built in applications and IP terminals provide an integrated solution and meet all your businesses communication needs. The Panasonic IP Telephone system supports IP networks so not only will it meet all your communication needs now but it will also allow for expandable growth within you company in the future. Panasonic IP PBX System has many features the activation keys that add to flexible expansion, SIP Networking for low cost communication, a built in application server provides desktop solutions and enables simple installation are only a few of these features that will add value to your company by installing the Panasonic IP PBX System. To get a quote on the Panasonic IP PBX system please contact tel: 086 001 8101 or email

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