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Photocopier Prices

Photocopier prices vary greatly and are determined by among other things; whether the machine prints in monochrome or colour, whether it only prints in A4 or both A3 and A4, the page speed it prints per minute and finally, what finishing options are required for your operating environment.

We have compiled a summary on the various Photocopier prices to assist you in setting a realistic budget for making an outright purchase. For information on the prices of renting photocopiers, check out our Copier Rentals article.

The table below indicates different categories or types of photocopier prices, what they are most suitable for and their price ranges. Please note the prices indicated below exclude vat.

What are the different Photocopier purchase price ranges?

Photocopier Category Purchase Price Range (ZAR)
Refurbished Copiers R6 000 – R42 000
Desktop Copiers R3 000 – R10 000
Low Volume Copiers R12 000 – R18 000
Mid Volume Copiers R25 000 – R65 000
Production Copiers R80 000 – R250 000
Wide-Format Printers R30 000 – R70 000


What are the different Photocopier categories?

  • Refurbished Copiers

    Our professionally refurbished second-hand photocopiers are a popular choice among small to medium sized businesses in South Africa. We have a range of A4 (R6 000 – R9 000) and A3 (R19 500 – R42 000), colour and mono refurbished copiers available with print speeds ranging from 20 to 55 PPM (pages per minute) and monthly volumes of 5 000 – 50 000 copies per month. These are not only a cost-effective option, but an environmentally friendly one too.

  • Desktop Copiers

    These small A4 photocopiers sit on the desktop and print in a low resolution with prints speeds ranging from 10 to 25 PPM (pages per minute). They are ideal for small and home offices consisting of one or two people printing in very low monthly volumes. These photocopiers range from R3 000 to R10 000.

  • Entry-Level Copiers

    Both freestanding and desktop A4 photocopiers, these are ideal for small businesses not printing more than 8 000 copies per month that require a multifunctional machine to Copy, Print, Scan, Fax with decent printing speeds of 25 – 40 PPM (pages per minute). These efficient photocopiers start from R12 000.

  • Mid-Volume Copiers

    With good quality print resolutions, these A3 photocopiers can handle volumes of 10 000 – 30 000 copies per month making them ideal for small to medium workgroups with printing speeds reaching 65 PPM (pages per minute). Depending on the model and other smart capabilities of the machine, these can set you back between R25 000 and R65 000.

  • Production Copiers

    Highly productive, heavy-duty photocopiers assist in streamlining the production process for large work environments. Boasting a volume capacity of up to 200 000 copies per month and print speeds between 85 and 105 PPM (pages per minute), it is no wonder these machines make a valuable addition to large businesses. Production photocopiers come with a wide range of finishing options which will need to be taken into account when considering a purchase as they are usually not included in the price range of R80 000 – R250 000.

  • Wide-Format Copiers

    These come in a variety of printer types from plotters that fit into any CAD & Gis workflow, to Signage and POS printers for posters, signs and exhibition graphics, and even wide-format photo printers that create stunning photography and fine art. These printers are ideal for architectural, engineering and advertising industries, to name a few. They can be priced at anything from R30 000 to over R70 000.

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What Copier Types are there?

Analogue, ink jet, electrostatic, digital and xerography are some output technologies of copiers. Most current photocopiers use a xerography technology. You can choose the type of photocopier you need based on the volume, type of copying you do each day and the copy speed.

  • Black and white copier

    This type of copier is mostly preferred everywhere for its versatility, cost and durability. Such copiers require less maintenance compared to the other types.

  • Colour copier

    Full colour copiers were introduced in 1968, which used a dye sublimation process unlike the normal electrostatic technology. In recent days this type of copier is mostly preferred for all official works, though this type is a bit troublesome for the governments as it makes counterfeiting currency much easier.

  • Blueprint copier

    This type of copier is usually used for copying large construction and architectural drawings. A blueprint copier can be used to expose pin graphics and to draft overlays or for other jobs like for light sensitive screens, film negatives or positives and sepia prints. There are several types of blueprint copiers, with most using eighteen fluorescent lamps at 65 watts each for exposures.

  • Copier with digital technology

    This type of copier consists of an integrated scanner and laser printer. The advantageous features of such copier are automatic digital collation, automatic image quality enhancement, the ability to "build jobs" or scan page images independently of the process of printing them, high-speed scanners and this allows you to send documents via email or local area network. Digital technology is being adopted in all new photocopiers, replacing the old analogue technology.

What additional points should be considered before purchasing a Copier?

  • Clarity

    You should check the resolution of the photocopier as the resolution determines the quality and sharpness of an image. Resolution is measured in dots per inch (DPI). Photocopiers with 500 DPI have 500 x 500 dots per square inch.

  • Memory

    Copiers usually have memory in the range of 4 MB to 256 MB and higher of random access memory (RAM) and you can install additional memory to boost productivity and enable more memory-intensive features. In some copiers a single larger cache is shared between functions such as copying, printing and faxing. Make sure that you check how the memory is allocated in the copier. If you intend to use any image editing features or frequently produce complex documents with more than 20 pages, you should go in for copier with 16 MB memory.

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