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Samsung PBX Telephone Systems

Samsung, the world leader in displays, mobile and telephony is also a leader in PABX technology. Samsung PABX switchboard systems are world class business phone systems designed to be durable and hugely feature rich. Samsung PBX Telephone Systems come in various configurable ranges to suit any size organisations requirements.

United Business Solutions is an authorised dealer, installer and preferred service partner to Samsung's range of PBX systems and has a large nationally installed base.

Please take a look at our Samsung PBX telephone systems below and request a quote for a rental or cash purchase.

Samsung PBX/PABX Phone System

Samsung (SCM) Communication Manager - Compact/Enterprise PBX 

  • The Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) is a pure IP based all-in-one communications solution
  • All the benefits of Unified Communications
  • Enterprise-grade call control with many built-in applications
  • Smart Routing - reduce call costs by converting 3G/4G calls to extension calls
  • SCM compact supports up to 512 users while the SCM Enterprise model can support to 3000 users
  • Hot swap capability 
  • Built-in applications including Unified Messaging, Voice Conferencing, and Automatic Call Distribution 
  • Excellent integration of mobile phones into voice network
  • Integrated voice mail, auto attendant, email messages, email gateway and access manager
  • Offers functionality from a single, virtualised server
  • Perfect for companies with multi-site branches
  • Pure IP solution
  • Simple licensing process
  • Scalable to suit your needs

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Samsung OfficeServ 7030 PBX System

  • Offers small businesses an unrivalled level of features and functional flexibility
  • Offer 1 to 20 extensions
  • Can be configured with a full range of analog, digital and IP trunks and extensions
  • Affordable & flexible configuration options, Analogue or Digital Capabilities
  • Caller ID, name and number available
  • VOIP Technology
  • Automated Attendant, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), and Call Queuing with comfort messages ensures calls are handled efficiently.
  • Cost effective IP trunks using industry standard SIP protocols
  • Easy to deploy IP extensions for remote workers and/or other offices
  • WiFi for wireless voice and data
  • Mobile extension functionality allows mobile phones (or other numbers) to be seamlessly paired with desktop phones

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Samsung OfficeServ 7070 PBX System

Samsung OfficeServ 7070 is an IP-PBX optimized for small and medium sized businesses having less than 50 employees. It supports not only VoIP communications, but works perfectly with existing communication infrastructures.

  • Supports all the call functions of the existing PBX Full compatibility with the OfficeServ 7000 series using identical S/W and terminals
  • Scalability of multiple service boards into the universal slot 
  • Various line groups can be configured through expansion in 4-line units
  • Supports 8 VoIP channels without additional equipment
  • Reduces communication costs by working together with Internet telephony service providers through the SIP trunk support
  • An integrated VoIP network can provide seamless collaboration with a remote office
  • Built-in Applications
  • Supports Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, and CID function without additional equipment Equipped with Internal MOH, External MOH, Paging, and Contact
  • User-friendly Terminal Lineup
  • Supports IP phone, video phone, SIP phone, softphone, 3G dual phone, Wi-Fi phone, digital phone, and analog phone

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Samsung OfficeServ 7100 PBX System 

  • Easy to install,compact system
  • The system links wireless and wire line connections, voice and data, providing connectivity and substantial cost savings from all-in-one technology
  • Prepackaged, preprogrammed and prelabeled
  • Digital and VoIP are supported with a full set of features and sophisticated applications
  • Can expand along with your business in 4-port increments
  • Capable of handling up to 8 incoming lines with as many as 32 stations
  • VoIP application and wireless technology can be enabled to provide your business with a powerful converged solution for voice and data, wired and wireless phones, faxes and up to 4 data devices with PoE
  • Embedded full featured Voicemail/Auto Attendant 
  • Caller Id, name and number
  • Automatic call routing to local or long distance

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Samsung OfficeServ 7200 PBX System

  • Small to midsized business communications system
  • Provides a wide range of digital, IP and wireless phones to suit your business needs
  • Built-in reporting functionality for monitoring call statistics
  • Auto-
  • Attendant with Uniform Call Distribution for efficient call handling
  • Embedded voicemail with email gateway to deliver voice messages to your MS Outlook inbox
  • Wireless Access Points allow wireless handsets and PDAs to integrate seamlessly with phone system features
  • Digital, VoIP, Analogue and Wireless
  • Ideal for a "on the go" workforce with applications such as video calling, UC clients, presence and instant messaging
  • Supports up to 128 users

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Samsung OfficeServ 7400 PBX System

  • Simultaneously supports traditional voice communication, VoIP, IP-based data communication and wireless solutions through wireless LANs
  • Provides gigabit Ethernet backbone alongside Layer 2/3 LAN switching capabitlies to carry your evolving traffic needs
  • Integrates your firewall, VPN, and intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • Feature Rich functionality with call forwarding, caller ID, call overflow options, speed calling and wireless service options
  • Supports up to 480 phones in a single site or thousands of users in a multisite network
  • Handles any of Samsung's wired, wireless, digital, IP and analogue range of handsets
  • Perfect for medium to large businesses

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