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What is VoIP?

VOIP is the next generation in telephony worldwide enabling reliable voice communications for modern businesses. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and has become the fastest growing form of telecommunications in South Africa. Traditional phone calls travel across copper wire (PSTN) or digital (ISDN) phone lines that have been laid across South Africa by the previously state-owned Telkom, VoIP phone calls are different in that you don't need to use these phone lines based on old copper infrastructure - you just need an internet connection.

VoIP Provider

United Voice is United Business Solutions’ B2B VoIP solution, suitable for organisations ranging from small to medium, through to large enterprises requiring a customised VoIP telephony solution offering. United Voice uses advanced VoIP technologies to transmit high quality voice calls over a broadband data connection while benefiting from uncontended secure IP networks which ensures all calls to and from your PABX office telephone system are of the highest quality.

VoIP Packages

Our United Voice packages include:

1.     A new allocated number (or you can keep/port your existing number);

2.     LTE Router and LTE Sim;

3.     Free online Telephone Management System; and

4.     A gateway – this is optional.


United Voice Lite United Voice Express United Voice Pro


What are the Benefits of VoIP?

Our United Voice offering has significant benefits for businesses, the main benefits of VoIP are:

1.       Savings on your monthly phone bill with cheaper line rentals and call rates

2.       Keep your existing geographic number and take it with you wherever you move in SA

3.       VoIP solutions are scalable to suit your needs

4.       Technical support with a national service centre

5.       Free interbranch calling as well as reduced on-net call costs

6.       Improved uptime as you are no longer susceptible to lightening damage or theft of copper lines


Frequently Asked VoIP Questions

1.  How is the voice quality?

United Voice runs on a dedicated business grade LTE service that is exclusively used for voice. The voice service is not contended with data streaming as is the case for other VoIP solutions. This ensures your voice quality will not be exposed to congestion or high latency which is experienced on shared services and other internet connection types.

2.  What does United Voice cost?

Depending on which United Voice package you choose, you will pay a set monthly fee for the voice service, thereafter you are billed at pure per second billing from the 1st second for all calls made. United Voice has no minimum call charges regardless of the type of call.

3.  Can United Voice be installed on my existing PABX?

Definitely, United Business Solutions can integrate any PABX with United Voice using a gateway. Alternatively, you can upgrade your PBX system, or choose to rent or purchase a VoIP enabled PABX system from United Business Solutions. View our range of PABX systems here.

4.  How do I transfer my existing number(s) to United Voice?

United Business Solutions will do this for you, you just need to provide us with copies of the following documents:

· Your current service providers’ latest bill

· Your ID

· A signed authorisation letter

5.  How long does it take to transfer my existing number(s) to United Voice?

It takes approximately 2 weeks to port your number to our network. United Business Solutions will however ensure you have uninterrupted voices services during this period.


Still not sure whether our United Voice VoIP offering is right for you, contact us now to speak to one our expert consultants who will be able to advise you on an offering that suits your needs and your budget!


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